Study details: HCC-OCP

Full title:
HCC Cascade of Care: evaluating concordance with HCC optimal care pathway recommendations

Lead Investigator:
Ericka Flores

Lead Investigator e-mail:

Principle Investigator:
A/Prof Jessica Howell

Study description:
Retrospective and prospective population-based study of incident HCC in Melbourne between 1st January 2018 to December 31st 2022, to describe the cascade of care in Melbourne and its concordance to Optimal Care Pathway recommendations.

Incident HCC cases (suspected/confirmed mixed pathology tumours excluded) in adults were identified from MLG site hepatoma MDMs and clinicodemographic data collected from electronic medical records. Datapoints collected include date of suspect lesion identification, date of referral to MDM, date of MDM treatment consensus, date of treatment receipt and dates of death where available or able to identified through CVDL data linkage.