Study details: PRECISe

Full title:
Estimating the Prevalence of cirrhosis in Victoria determined by Fibroscan

Lead Investigator:
Ericka Flores

Lead Investigator e-mail:

Principle Investigator:
A/Prof Jessica Howell

Study description:
Retrospective collection of Fibroscan data available from eight sites of the MLG including (where available): Liver stiffness measurements (LSM), Aetiology of liver disease, Date of Fibroscan, Referrer and anthropometric measurements.

Includes data collected since 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2021. Specialist clinic referral and appointment data will be obtained from respective site hospital information services and Data linkage through the Centre of Victorian Data Linkage datasets (VAED, VCR, BMD) to link admissions, HCC diagnoses and death data.